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Uniform Policy / Dress Code

Dress Code


The Dress Code is in effect every day. It applies to uniform days, free dress days and Spirit Days. Please see Uniform Policy and guidelines for Free Dress Days and Spirit Days. Students who fail to comply with the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action.


General Rules

  • All clothing must fit properly– Not too small, not too big.
  • No Facial Piercings– Earrings are okay, but eyebrows, lips, or any other facial piercings are not allowed.
  • No torn or ripped clothing. No P.E. uniforms outside of P.E.
  • No Grooming in Class – Get ready at home (hair, makeup, etc.).


  • No stomach or chest showing.
  • No jerseys, tanks tops, or plain T-shirts.
  • No off the shoulder or spaghetti straps.
  • Same color layering only.
  • No student writing on shirts
  • No ties, knots, rubber bands or safety pins on shirts.

PantsShorts, Skirts

  • Must be at the waist. No Sagging.
  • No sweats, exercise shorts or pajama pants.
  • Boys' shorts must be above the knee.
  • Girls' shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh, no shorter than 4 fingers above the knee.

Shoes, Hats, etc.

  • No house shoes/slippers, open-toed shoes, and/or open-back shoes.
  • No hats, bandanas, sweat bands, wave caps, or hoods on heads.
  • No large chains, spikes, wrist bands, wallet chains, or large belt buckles.
  • Inappropriate accessories will be confiscated.


All Washington students are expected to be in uniform every day, with the exception of Free Dress Days and Spirit Days. Please refer to guidelines for Free Dress Days and Spirit Days below. The above Dress Code applies to uniform days.

Uniform Shirt – Navy or red shirts with a collar (polo) or pre-approved school-related T-shirts.

Uniform Bottoms – Khaki pants, shorts, or skirts.

Uniform Sweatshirts/Jackets – Solid navy blue or red.

Uniform Layers – Undershirts must be red, white, or navy blue. Leggings must be khaki.


Students who are awarded a free dress day will receive a free-dress day wristband to wear on their wrists.  The above Dress Code applies to all free dress days.  Students may not wear any clothing with rips or tears even if there is clothing underneath the rip or tear.   Free dress only occurs on the first day of the week--Monday or Tuesday in the event of a holiday. 

Students who break the dress code policy will be required to change their clothes.