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ASVAB Career Exploration Program - Take interest and skills inventories to learn more about good career matches and how to follow-through with your career goals.

California Colleges - Want to know more about colleges in California? This is the place to look!

California Reality Check - Soon after high school you will need to pay for housing, transportation, clothes,etc. Find out how much money you will need and which occupations will pay for your needs.

California Career Planning Guide - Need some information to make education and career plans for high school and after? This resource will help you find what you need.

California Career Zone - Self Assessments can help you know yourself better. And knowing yourself better can help you choose a satisfying job or occupational field to explore. Take one of three career assessments here to learn more about yourself and how you might fit into the world of work.

CollegeBoard - The College Board is a not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. Among its best-known programs are the SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT, and the Advanced Placement Program (AP).

CollegeBoard's Majors and Careers - If you're thinking about college, it's also time to start thinking about college majors and careers. Here's the place to explore all the possibilities.

Hobson's College View - Search over 3,800 colleges and universities to access profiles matching your selected criteria. Get a basic overview of the financial aid process. Learn all about careers, growing and declining occupations, resume writing, and interviewing tips.

"How to Get to College" Guides  - The California State University recognizes the importance of early preparation for college. We have developed guides for middle and high school students and their parents that help the students stay on a path to college. These guides are available in an easily printed booklet form, in both English and Spanish.

Mapping Your Future - A public-service, nonprofit web site providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services to students, their families, and schools.

My Road - CollegeBoard's college and career planning web site.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - A nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives.  Revised every two years, the handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

Princeton Review - The Princeton Review strives to help students, parents, and educators achieve the best outcomes at all stages of their educational careers.

Princeton Review's Counselor-O-Matic – Counselor-O-Matic is an advanced search engine that combines your academic and extracurricular history (screens 1-3) with your preferences (screens 4-8) to help you find the right college

Roadtrip Nation - Trying to figure out how to find your career passion? Online interviews recorded by college students seeking to discover how others found their passion in life can provide you some valuable clues.

US News - US News' award winning college information website. Sort college ranking tables, compare schools, and find out how your school of interests stacks up to others.

Who Do U Want 2 Be - This fun and interactive website will let you know more about programs at your local community college, play a fun career game, find out about industry sectors, learn about financial aid for college, and more!